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Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to work with clients on a range of issues from the simplest dispute like, gifts, wills, succession and family relation to the most complicated disputes, like, marriage, divorce, dower, adoption, guardianship minority, legitimacy, religious usages or institutions including waqfs, trusts and trust property. The group can offer advice on contracts to protect assets and other arrangements that can be beneficial.

Many of our group members have worked in industry, giving them an understanding of the client’s perspective when working with law firms.

  1. Trade mark searching and registration/availability opinions
  2. Trade mark filing and prosecution
  3. Trade mark opposition proceedings
  4. Trade mark registration
  5. Trade mark portfolio management and strategy – Trade mark enforcement and litigation
  6. Copyright clearance and opinions
  7. Copyright protection
  8. Copyright licensing
  9. Copyright litigation and copyright board proceedings
  10. Broadcast and entertainment law advice
  11. Counterfeit enforcement
  12. Packaging and labelling advice